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Note: this page has been updated. Please let us know if you have any problems using it. If so please contact us via email at ffast@newenglandcomics.com or phone at 781-769-0387. Thanks!

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You are two clicks away from completing your order! This page resides on our secure server and asks you for some information so we can process your order. When you continue to the next page you will be able review or cancel your order and submit to FFAST for processing.

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This is the address we will ship your order to. We ship to anyone, anywhere. However to receive delivery via UPS we need a street address.
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Shipping Options
Monthly orders begin shipping after the guaranteed deadline in the order received. 
For info on SHIPPING OPTIONS please go BACK and click the HOW TO ORDER link at the top of the FFAST pages. Foreign customers ordering SUPPLIES will need to pay extra for shipping and this is explained on the HOW TO ORDER link.

SMALL is for orders of 1-12 comics and/or thin trades.
MEDIUM is for orders of 13-49 comics/trades.
LARGE is for orders of 50+ comics/trades and/or other items like toys, statues, posters, etc. See HOW TO ORDER link at top of FF pages  for more details.

• Monthly Shipping
The most economical way to get your comics! Includes ONE shipment after the guaranteed deadline.
• Bi-Weekly Shipping
Includes a shipment half-way thru the month and another shipment after the guaranteed deadline. Available to USA or CANADA customers only!
• Weekly Shipping
Includes a shipment every week. Orders MUST be received by the 7th of the month you're ordering for. Available to USA customers only!
- USA Monthly MEDIUM $6.00
- USA Monthly SMALL  $5.00
- USA Monthly LARGE  $8.50
- USA Bi-Weekly $15.00
- USA Weekly $25.00

- **Global Priority $13.75


 **For Canada and Other Foreign go BACK and consult the HOW TO ORDER link 
at the top of FFAST pages for rates and requirements.

Credit/Gift Certificates
Please type in the number on your credit or gift certificate below. Contact FFAST if your credit or gift certificate is not on file. You may phone/fax us at 781-769-0387 or email to: ffast "at" newenglandcomics.com (use @ in place of "at").

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Choose Your TWO FREE Comics
Select any TWO of the following comics and we'll include them with your order! If a comic is out of stock we will substitute with a comic of our choice.
A FREE X-Men comic (our choice)
A FREE Spider-Man comic (our choice)
A FREE Tick comic (our choice)
A FREE Batman comic (our choice)
A FREE Superman comic (our choice)
A FREE Vertigo comic (our choice)

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